Choosing Wedding Flowers - where to start?

February 25, 2018

With so many options out there, choosing the right flowers for your special day can be a bit intimidating. Colours, styles, elements, themes, budget ... it can all be a bit overwhelming. 

First things first; do you need flowers for your wedding? Well, really you don't. Flowers can help set the tone for a celebration, carry your chosen theme and create a beautiful setting, but what is really important is what you want for your big day. If you don't like the idea of flowers, well that's fine and don't let anybody try to convince you otherwise. If you just want a simple hand-held posey or button-hole for yourself and nothing else, that's fine. If you're in love with the idea of creating a "WOW" effect and taking your guests breath away with your spectacular flowers; well that's fabulous too. The important thing is not to get carried away with what others want, and focus on what's right for you. 

So where to start? Well ideally you want to start thinking about your flowers as early as possible. A good time to start is when you have your venue selected. This is important as it will help your florist / floral designer get a sense of the space they have to work with. Some brides and grooms have a very clear sense of exactly what they want but if you don't, don't panic. Start hitting up pinterest, wedding blogs, fashion mags and every other source you can think of for inspiration, possible themes and styles. If you're still not getting anywhere, don't worry - there are a tonne of people out there that can help. Key among these will be your florist. Call him or her as early in the process as you can. We often have brides and/or grooms calling us without any set idea of what they want, and sometimes the best approach is to adopt a 'process of elimination' - what do you definitely not want, and start refining from there. When you're talking to you floral designer it's always a great idea to have a sense of your budget. This doesn't need to be carved in stone, but if your designer knows what your budget parameters are then they can help you refine what you might like within a price that is right for you. So in summary, in starting to think about wedding flowers:

1. Start the process as early as you can

2. If you have your venue & gown/suit selected, this will help

3. Look for inspiration for themes or trends that you do or don't like

4. Speak to your floral designer 

5. Have an idea of budget - check here for our price guide!


We have helped many brides and grooms through this process, so most importantly don't panic and feel free to give us a call anytime for a free consultation.




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